Frequently Asked Questions

Can you drop off items if the workshop is closed? ​​

             Yes! We have tables located outside our doors for anyone to place ewaste items on.

What ewaste items do you accept?​​

Absolutely anything with a cable, cord or battery 

Do we collect items?​

Yes! If the items for collection are shown on the list linked above, we are happy to collect them! 

Do we clean hard drives?

Yes, hard drives are removed and wiped clean or physically destroyed. If your hard drive contains particularly sensitive information, we strongly suggest you remove it from your device prior to donation. ​

Do we sell second-hand computers/appliances?

Yes we do, however, supply is dependent upon what has been donated and is able to be refurbished. We do our best to ensure items are in good working order but we cannot provide any warranties. 

What happens to items that are donated?

We first test all items to see what is still in working condition. If donations are still working we aim to refurbish and sell these items. If donations are no longer work, we give them to our participants who dismantle the items and sort the materials to be recycled. 

Is there parking available at the site?

There is limited parking available on our site but more parking options are available on Branton Street. ​​

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