Frequently asked Questions

  • Can I drop off items if you are closed? ​​

    • Answer:​ Yes! We have tables located outside our doors for anyone to place ewaste items on.

  • What ewaste items do you accept?​​

    • Answer: Absolutely anything with a cable, cord or battery 

  • Do we collect items?​

    • ​Answer: Yes! If the items for collection are shown on the list linked above we are happy to collect them! 

  • Do we clean hardrives?

  • Do we sell second-hand computers/appliances?

    • ​Answer: 

  • What happens to items that are donated?

    • ​Answer:

  • Is there parking available at the site?

    • There is limited parking available on our site but more parking options are available on Branton Street​

  • How we find you?

    • ​Answer:

  • do you fix donations?

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